Which are the countries where casino gambling is most popular?

First of all, we should differentiate between countries where a lot of gambling takes place in physical casinos and countries where more gambling takes place in internet casinos.

In addition, we should also take into account countries that are starting to play online in the last few years and where the number of online casino players is growing very fast. One such example is Japan, where in recent years the number of online casino players has grown to the point of being a concern for some politicians in the country, who want to limit the ability of Japanese to play at international online casinos. A symptom of this is the appearance of many specialized gambling websites for Japanese, where they show the casinos they have available. This is something important, due to the fact that there are not so many online casinos that offer the possibility to select Japanese as a language, as well as needing to accept Japanese currency. You can read more about this here.

Countries where traditional casinos are the most popular

Casinos are a very typical thing in many states in the United States. Everyone has heard of Las Vegas in Nevada. It is the mecca of casino gambling and therefore is visited by millions of people from all over the world every year.

Moreover, the fact that it is the venue of the World Series Of Poker attracts many poker players who want to try their luck in the biggest poker tournament in the world, held every year in the mentioned American city.

But there are other cities known for the large number of casino that can be visited, since there is a great tradition of going to the casino in the United States and it is understood as another form of fun for adults, not like in other countries where it is not seen with good eyes to go to play at the casino.

Countries where online gaming is most popular

There are many countries where the number of online gamblers has grown notably in recent years, as we pointed out above with Japan.

However, in this aspect we must point out an important differentiation: there are countries where there is a large percentage of online casino players and others where people prefer to bet on sports online.

An example of a country where many people bet on sports every week is the United Kingdom, one of the most traditional sports betting countries in the world and the origin of many of the bookmakers that nowadays operate online offering their services to players from all over the world.

In online gambling, some operators have encountered a serious problem: the strong regulations that some countries, especially in Europe, are creating for online gambling. This makes them have to comply with higher demands and we are seeing how in the last few years many operators are moving away from operating in countries with strong regulations to operate only in the international market with gaming licenses that allow them to offer their services to players all over the world and with a much greater freedom to operate.

Within the online casino, Russian players love live casino games, being regulars of the main online casinos operating with international licenses for the whole world. It is a country with hardly any gambling regulations, plus they are very close to the base of operations of many of the online gambling operators offering live casino games, as many of them are located in Eastern European countries, due to lax regulations in this matter and the ease of hiring presenters and dealers for their casino games much cheaper than in the rest of Europe.

We will see in the coming years what happens, but most countries that do not over-regulate and allow operators to offer their services in a relatively free way within their territory will probably experience a growth in the number of online casino and sports betting players because there is more and more interest from society and it is seen as something normal in almost all countries as long as you do not play impulsively and you do it just for fun to have a good time.

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