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What is Dota 2’s Reputation in Korea?

If you’re new to the Dota 2 scene, you’re probably wondering: What’s its reputation in Korea? This esports game has had a tremendous international following in recent years, and it’s growing in popularity in Korea as well. While there’s still room for Freshwap growth, the current situation does not bode well for the future of the Korean scene. As a result, here are some things you should know about the Korean scene.

While the sport is still relatively young in Korea, teams were able to take advantage of their fame to gain massive prize money. In 2016, Team FXO was the clear favorite. This roster included Dota 2 veterans and led a remarkable campaign against Merdb domestic competition. With a new sponsor, FXO, and March’s guidance, they were able to win the first offline Nexon tournament, claiming an $8000 prize pot and front-row seats to The International.

Despite the controversy Sportspress surrounding MBCGame, the Korean scene has become more competitive than ever. The MVP, a team that started in South Korea, has gone on to win a Major tournament, while Xtreme Dota Team, a Malaysian team, has swept the WC3 scene and knocked out the reigning world champions. If this trend Codeplex continues, the Korean scene could be ripe for Dota 2 success.

What is Dota 2s reputation in Korean society? – There’s no shortage of stories about this game’s popularity. North Korea has an iron-handed regime and virtually no internet. It’s a notoriously closed country, and most citizens have no access to the internet. However, there Elibrary are many reports of defectors who have made their way out of the regime, making the Korean public aware of the game.

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