The best hockey players in the history of sports

In every sport there are individuals who, by their mere presence, popularize a particular type of sports discipline. Hockey is also no exception to the rule.

You can get carried away with it, even place a bet at a betting company, click here. That is, treat it thoughtfully and pragmatically. But some people managed to completely break this pattern. They attracted spectators to the stands, even those who barely understand what hockey is. After all, the audience went to look not at the game itself, but at one athlete who managed to become a megastar.

The most original goalkeeper

The approach of Dominik Hasek still causes a lot of controversy among experts. Some even voice seditious thoughts about whether he knew how to play classic hockey. Nevertheless, he has a huge number of “dry matches” on his account, which characterizes him as an extremely effective goalkeeper.

What’s the point? And he did not stand at the gate, but lay. He beat off not with a club, but with a glove. Given that the speed of the puck can exceed 100 miles per hour, it takes great courage to try to catch it.

“Great Five and Goalkeeper”

The song “A coward does not play hockey” was written in 1968 and the images in it are collective. But the population of the USSR closely associated her with Valery Kharlamov and Vladislav Tretiak (goalkeeper). Therefore, games with their participation collected full “Ice stadiums”. An incredible number of boys dreamed of becoming not just hockey players, but Kharlamov or Tretyakov.

Perhaps this was the peak of popularity. It is a pity that at that time there were no online betting applications to place a bet from a phone or PC.

Spectacular Gordie Howe

Each time going out on the ice, Gordy set himself 3 tasks:

  • make an effective pass;
  • goal;
  • make a fight.

According to this system, he played about 2 thousand matches, which surely attracted the attention of a wide audience. There was no need to look for predictions for the match to be sure that the game would be very interesting and eventful.

Greatest hockey player of all time

This is Wayne Gretzky’s official title. He constantly set records and scored, scored goals against opponents. Since the athlete was focused on winning, he practically did not participate in fights. Although at first his “bodyguards” had to endure serious battles.

Tellingly, the crowd went “to Gretzky”, and not to a specific team. Why? Because his presence guaranteed a productive, tense and bright match. Of course, the odds of the bookmakers on him were low, but still people bet on the victory of the favorite, as they were absolutely sure of him.

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