Overview of some of the best casino games at W88

The online betting market is more and more exciting, the number of games is increasing day by day with more beautiful versions, more features and more convenience. Players only need to choose the right bookie to have a great experience, note that the bookie must be safe, secure and highly reputable. For example, W88 bookie is one of the online betting systems that many players love and support. Here players can experience many games with attractive payouts. The following article will list a few quality betting products being provided by W88 bookie!

The game betting at W88 bookmaker

  • Fishing table game- Fishing Yilufa

Fishing Yilufa is one of the famous fish table game versions provided by W88 bookie. This game still retains the traditional playful touch, upgrading a few more features and refining the visuals to create a sense of excitement for the player.

Those who have participated in JDB Gaming’s Fishing Yilufa are satisfied, the content is simple but not boring, the image is familiar to Orientals, and the red and yellow colors stand out. Players can encounter many other creatures with cute cartoon images, depending on their size and movement speed, they will have different payouts.

In addition, players who join Fishing Yilufa or other online fish table games and deposit money in the form of game cards at W88, will receive free bets!

  • Online Football – Sportsbook

Online football is always a favorite topic of those who participate in betting. W88 offers players not only the number of matches, but also the nature and size of different matches. Players can start placing bets 2 to 3 days before the football match, the payout rates are high, the bets are both diverse and attractive.

More specifically, when online football at W88 has up to 6 halls, each lobby will have different betting forms and betting styles. Players can learn and make decisions based on individual needs.

Information about football and players is always updated by W88 every day, players follow to have more betting knowledge. Not only handicap, 1X2 betting, under/over, .. side bets are regularly updated in W88 bookie, creating richness and attracting more players to participate.

  • Live casino

  • Blackjack

Blackjack is a card game using a 52-card deck, each game will have a maximum of 7 players and 1 Dealer representing the bookie. At the beginning of the game, players will have 15 seconds to place their bets, the bet limit is from 5 to 500. Then the Dealer will deal cards, each player receives 2 cards, the Dealer has 1 face up card and 1 face down card. After a series of actions to draw or discard cards, the player and the dealer compare points. The side with the higher score, not exceeding 21 points, wins. Blackjack is a card game where each player plays against the Dealer instead of competing with the rest of the players.

  • Baccarat

W88 offers quite a few versions of Baccarat, the tables are all unlimited bets and have the support of the Dealer. Players participating in Baccarat will wager within 15 seconds, then the Dealer will divide the card between Player and Banker. The side whose total score is closer to 9, that side wins. Depending on the cards of the winner, the payout will be different. Players should go through the instructions for that version of Baccarat before joining in any game room.

  • Roulette

Roulette is a favorite game at major casinos and W88 is one of the bookies that own a full range of Roulette versions. Each Roulette spin will be divided into 37 small boxes, the cells numbered from 0 to 36 and have 2 red / black colors, especially the blue 0 box.

This game has many bets, exact number bets, red black bets, parity bets, limited numbers bets, high or low number bets, etc. When the wheel stops passing and the ball falls into place. Anyway, if that position matches the player’s bet, they win. Depending on the type of bet, W88 will pay different rates.

  • Action Ops: Snow & Sable (Slot game)

Action Ops: Snow & Sable is a Microgaming slot inspired by a futuristic world of cyborgs and street battles. The game is designed to be fast-paced, smooth with catchy music from the very first spin. Although the bet is extremely low for each pass, if the player hits 5 supersonic sports cars, the win rate can be up to 96.03%, Snow and Sable will immediately pay a bonus amount of 250 times. player’s initial bet.

  • RTP: 96.03%
  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines 10 lines.
  • Developer: Microgaming.
  • Virtual sports

Another name for virtual sports is Virtual Sport, members of W88 login can bet on virtual dog racing, or other sports. Players have a lot of time to bet, the bet options are also extremely diverse. W88 bookie offers very early odds for players to follow and place bets in time.

It can be said that virtual dog racing is a great form of online entertainment, as it is the best alternative for those who are passionate about sports betting. Each game goes extremely fast, the fighting dogs will be numbered and there will be athletes cheering, commentators on the field. As a result, new players can keep up with the game and place bets more easily.


Just now is general information about some outstanding games in the categories of W88. In addition to the above products, W88 bookie also offers players many other versions, attractive, high payout and strong entertainment. Players do not hesitate to come to W88 to join, quickly register today to receive a welcome bonus for new members on the same website!

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