MLB The Show 23: Rookie’s Guide To Complete Charisma Series Program and Earn MLB 23 Stubs

Charisma Series Program is the newest program announced on MLB The Show 23. The program brings some amazing cards to that Diamond Dynasty. These cards will help many players massively upgrade their teams and secure match wins.

However, completing this plan is not a straightforward task. There are many tasks and MLB 23 Stubs that you need to complete and earn, some of which are difficult. Let’s take a look at how to complete the Charisma Series Program efficiently and quickly.

Assemble The Best Team Lineup

In this Charisma Series Showdown, you can get ten legendary cards. Some of them are even the best players in their positions and can help you upgrade your team. Those players that don’t make it into your roster, you can still use to complete collections or use them in exchange programs.

Some of the cards you get early in the program can be used to help you with the remaining tasks. Since these cards are so good, they will all come in handy. So, when you earn them, make sure to put them in your active roster. Unless you already have better players.

Complete Showdown Mission

As mentioned above, you’ll need to complete a number of quests to receive all the program’s rewards. You should buy MLB 23 Stubs a lot in advance and start with Showdown mission first. After completing this quest, you will get 30 points, which means you can get 90 OVR for Bret Phillips, 91 OVR for Joe Kelly and 92 OVR for Andrew Chafin.

If you’re wondering how to easily complete this or any other Showdown quest, you can stay tuned for Showdown quest guide.

Complete Moments Missions

After that, you will go directly to moments missions. There are a total of ten moments missions, which are very simple to complete. You just need to hit with Josh Harrison and Bret Phillip respectively in the first and second moments to get the job done.

If you’re having trouble hitting the ball through the zone, we recommend switching to Directional. This way, you won’t have a hard time getting a home run even when the pitcher is pitching in the middle.

In the third moments missions, you need to strike out with Joe Kelly and not miss a hit. So, be sure to change your pitches, and change the pitches interface to classic. If you abandon flight or ground flight, you need to restart the mission. You can not complete it again during the same mission.

The fourth mission is very similar in that you need to defeat two players with Andrew Chafin. You can’t drop a hit, but you can drop a flyout or a ground shot and still get the moment done and MLB The Show 23 Stubs. Just like in the third mission, secure two different pitches.

To complete the next mission, you’ll need to get an extra base hit with Ozzie Albies. We recommend that you use the normal swing instead of the contact swing or even the power swing. Also, don’t forget to use Directional Hitting.

It may take some time to complete the next task. You need to hit home runs with Josh Naylor, which is no easy feat. However, if you use your normal swing with Directional Hitting and aim for the right side of the field, you’ll be on your way in no time.

After that, you need to get an extra base hit with Daniel Vogelbach’s. So just follow the same instructions as for Ozzie Albie mission. Subsequent tasks are also easy, since you only need to count one hit.

However, the next task is slightly more difficult. You need to strike out six hitters with Luis Castillo. Using the classic pitching interface and changing your pitches will allow you to do this quickly. But you can always close pages while this task is running, so don’t worry about them.

In the ultimate moments missions, you need to get a total of four bases. If you don’t get two bases in your first game, you’ll have to restart the quest, so it’s going to be pretty hard to get through. But you can try Directional Hitting to help you do this faster.

Battle Royale

Of the many great game modes in MLB The Show 23, Diamond Dynasty mode remains a fan favorite. It allows the player to create his dream team and compete against other players.

In Diamond Dynasty, there is also Battle Royale game mode, which is full of surprises. The main reason for the popularity of this mode is its chief competition. At the same time, players can use some cards in this mode that they would not normally dare to try. We will also reward players who win the game with generous MLB 23 Stubs for sale and rare items that can improve equipment, which also makes this mode more attractive.

How To Complete Charisma Series Program Missions?

In fact, the mission of Charisma Series Program is very easy to complete. You just need to form the best team, complete the corresponding missions, and pay attention to “tally parallel XP” with all players in the program.

To do this, simply equip them in your lineup and play the game with them. It can be solo Ranked games, Mini Seasons, or even a game that can play against with CPU, whatever you want. Just make sure you’re using Charisma Series players in your squad and you’ll be able to complete these quests in no time.

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That concludes the entire guide for completing Charisma Series Program missions. Hope this helps players during the game. Also, don’t forget to keep practicing.

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