How To Withdraw Your BetFury Earnings: A Step-By-Step Guide


A deposit is the first step on every Betfurian’s journey. You can withdraw your deposited cryptocurrency to any external wallet that supports your chosen network, regardless of the type of cryptocurrency. That makes it even easier to play on BetFury. In addition, you can withdraw the cryptocurrency whenever you need to by depositing it on one network and withdrawing it on another. Choose your preferred network (ERC-20, BSC, BEP-20, Polygon, etc.) for withdrawing funds. Both the comfort and security of Betfurians’ funds during deposits and withdrawals are important to us. Because of this, there are a lot of essential points about deposits and withdrawals that both new and seasoned users should be aware of.

BetFury Casino What Is It?

The Betfury crypto casino offers daily bonuses, a VIP program, exclusive promotions, and a free Bitcoin faucet with low wagering requirements to anyone who joins. The project aimed to provide new games, a BFG utility token, and the chance to win real money. In 2019, BetFury went live, and ever since then, the cryptocurrency gambling industry has been raving about the platform. It lets users store BTC and ETH in their MetaMask Account and use some of the best digital wallets, like the Tron or Binance wallet, to fund their BFG account.

How Do You Withdraw Money From BetFury?

Any cryptocurrency can be transferred to an external wallet compatible with your chosen network. Select the network and currency you want to use for a withdrawal. Click the Withdraw button after entering the wallet address and the amount of cryptocurrency. Additionally, each coin has a different minimum withdrawal amount. Since protecting your funds is our top priority, the risk department manually audits every transaction. Because of this, wins in in-house games can take up to 24 hours to be withdrawn, and success in integrated games can take up to 72 hours.

Check The Transaction History

On the platform, you can view and follow the status of transactions. Find all of your Account’s operations by going to Account> Transactions. You can choose the period and type of transaction with a simple filter.

Address Book

Make it easy and quick to withdraw crypto. Add the addresses of your third parties to the Address book. Please choose the one that works best for you by alternating between them. Open your Wallet, select a network, and then enter your Wallet Name and Address to use the Address Book. The Address Book is successfully updated with the new address.

Payment Options At BetFury

The BetFury casino is one of the best online casinos that let players use cryptocurrency to transfer money to their BetFury accounts.

Accepted Crypto-Currencies 

BetFury is an online crypto casino that accepts various crypto payment methods and makes it simple to exchange crypto for fiat and crypto for the directive.

Limits On Deposits And Withdrawals 

For each cryptocurrency, BetFury sets limits on deposits and withdrawals. The following currencies are prohibited as minimum deposits: 25 USDT, 0.00015 BTC, and 0.005 ETH. On the other hand, the minimum withdrawal limits are 25 USDT (0.5 USDT transaction fee), 0.005 ETH (0.005 ETH withdrawal fee), and 0.00005 BTC (0.00025 BTC withdrawal fee). The fact that BetFury does not have any maximum withdrawal or deposit limits is a great feature. This means that users can put money in and take it out anytime.

BetFury Casino’s Affiliate Program

BetFury Casino’s Affiliate Program transforms playing your favourite games into a profitable and enjoyable experience. Users can earn up to 15% of the casino’s house edge on all referral winnings through the BetFury referral program. Use the website’s referral links or campaigns to invite friends to the site. The referrer can earn passive income when a new user registers, plays actively on the site and clicks on the link.

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