How to Play Crash Games – Guide and Tips

The popularity of the crash game has been growing worldwide recently, especially due to the rise in the number of online casino players. This fast-paced and highly rewarding game is fun to play and ideal for players of all experience levels. Let’s check out how the game works and the best strategies to become a pro player.

How the crash game works

The crash game is a game with minimal graphic elements yet exciting to play.  A graph displays bet multipliers, and an arrow moves up and down along it. Each game round lasts a few seconds. There is typically a short countdown between each round for players to prepare for the upcoming one. The arrow keeps moving and crashes suddenly.

It is up to the players to cash out before the crash to avoid losing the bet. It is possible to win up to 50,000x of the original bet amount through this game. It is commonly available on crypto casino sites due to its fast nature. Players can enjoy speedy winnings through the game, combined with cryptocurrency that enables fast payouts.

Notable features of the crash game

The crash game stands out from other online casino games in several ways. While it has been played in Iran for years, known as ” بازی انفجار “ among players in Iran, the game has new variations which players love. The following are the top features of the game that make it distinct and popular.

  • The game works with a Random Number Generator (RNG), and operates based on a mathematical algorithm. Therefore, the results are random and largely unpredictable. Players need to work with the algorithm to improve their chances of winning.
  • Players can opt for auto cash out or do so manually. The auto cash-out option is considered safe since it prevents losing the entire bet amount.
  • It is possible to play the game in demo mode for fun or practice. Afterward, players can place actual bets and play the game for real money.
  • The game works fast and requires focused attention to win. Big winnings and losses can happen within seconds in this game.
  • The RTP of the crash game is 99.59%, which is the best out of all online casino games.
  • There is a 20-step ladder play table in the Cash or Crash version of the game.
  • It is possible to play the game on a mobile phone or PC.
  • The volatility rate of the game is high, and it is considered to be risky.

Top strategies to win the crash game

It is impossible to secure a 100% win while playing the crash game, or any game for that matter. However, applying specific strategies can help you improve your chances. The following are the best strategies commonly used while playing the crash game.

  • Auto cash out
  • Bonus use
  • Martingale system

Auto cash out

The auto cash out is the most popular and simple strategy to use while playing the crash game. You can choose cash-out numbers in advance, which can be 1.5x, 2.5x, and so on. This will be your bet multiplier for the game. When the game hits the selected multiplier, the cash out will happen automatically. It helps you avoid losing your bet during the crash time.

Bonus use

Several casino sites offer bonuses to enhance the crash game experience for their players. It is usually applicable for live crash games.  In most cases, a bonus reward is generated if you are the last player to cash out before the crash happens. You can use the bonus to improve your winning odds in the next round. In some cases, no one gets the bonus in a particular round.

Martingale system

The Martingale system is not exclusive to crash games and applies to several betting games. If you lose a particular round of the crash game, you must increase your bet amount in the next game. Then, if you win a round, you must revert to the original bet amount and continue playing. You can choose the bet amounts per your budget, but the principle of the system is the same.

Tips to follow while playing crash games

Even pro casino players find it head-scratching to figure out the best ways to play the crash game. It is mainly because the game is unique and is as reliant on strategy as it is on luck. Top players of the crash game follow some tips to enjoy steady winnings and avoid unnecessary losses, such as the following.

  • Check out the winning and losing patterns of past players. It will give you a better idea of how the algorithm works despite the randomness of the results.
  • Set a strict budget beforehand. Getting caught up in the game is easy as it is quick and fun. A specific budget will help you avoid spending too much on the game.
  • Patience is key to winning big rewards through the crash game. Use various strategies across different rounds until you win big.
  • If there are any bonuses available, make sure to use them. They can help you improve your performance and winning chances.
  • Take a low-risk approach while playing the crash game. Place your bets wisely and in varying amounts for a better shot of winning.
  • Try out the game’s demo version first to get proper practice. It will help you ease into the game later on and keep up with its fast pace.

To sum up, the crash game is a fast and exciting game worth playing for its quick payouts and easy rewards. Even if you are new to the online gambling space, you can have a great time playing the game.

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