How To Place Bets On March Madness And Be Part Of The Frenzy

Once March Madness arrives, the gambling industry sees a rise in the number of new bettors now taking to sportsbook platforms to place bets as they try their luck at predicting outcomes. Betting on March Madness may seem simple to do; however, there’s nothing wrong with taking time out to find effective tips that you can use to increase your chances of winning your bets.

So, let’s look at how you can wager on March Madness and make your sports experience worthwhile.

Where To Place Your Bets

Years ago, placing bets meant taking a sudden trip to Las Vegas, but today, technology and the internet have made it possible for bettors to wager in the comfort of their homes through online sportsbooks.

Many platforms and hundreds of sportsbooks go out of their way to provide bettors with March Madness odds so they can be part of the frenzy and make generous profits from your efforts.

As you go about finding the right sportsbook, it’s important to ensure the operator you choose offers odds, bonuses, and features that suit your tastes and preferences. So, as you do this, take time to find an ideal platform to place your bets, and don’t be afraid to do some digging and check out some online reviews.

Also, go through the site’s terms and conditions before attempting to place any bets with an operator.

Be sure to take advantage of platforms offering players the option to download an app they can use on a mobile device. This will make your betting experience smooth and convenient.

March Madness Bet Types

March Madness is never short of bet types, so let’s look at common bet types that you’ll likely find on sportsbooks offering these.


Moneyline bets will allow you to bet on teams to win straight up. This means that if you hypothetically wager West Virginia to win the tournament’s first game, and its odds are said to be -200, you would need to put forward $200 so you can win $100.

But if you wish to wager on South Dakota State as the underdog of the same game, and the team has odds of being +140, it means you’d have to put forward $100, so you can win $140.

Point Spread

A point spread bet allows you to place bets on a team you feel will “cover the spread” and defeat the weaker team. If, for example, Kentucky is seen as the stronger and better team than its opponent at the time, then it may be in a favorable position of 17.5 points. This would mean that if the opponent were, for example, Morehead State, it would have to beat it by a minimum of 18 points for your bet to be successful.

Meanwhile, the opposite is said for the opponent because even though Morehead State doesn’t need to win, it needs to remain within 17 points of the stronger team, which in this case is Kentucky, by the end of the game so its supporters can win.

Live Bets

Live bets are bets you place during a game. You have the option to do this with totals, moneylines, or point spreads for any team. Because live bets are taking place during the game, they change as the game progresses, and this can be a great way for you to hedge pregame bets since the line will continuously change according to how each team will be performing at the time.

Other Common Bet Types

Other bet types that you’ll find during March Madness include:

  • Prop bets
  • Point total (over/under)
  • Future


As you go about placing bets during March Madness, ensure you know all there is to know about how to identify a Cinderella. This may be difficult to do, but with knowledge of this, you’ll be able to work on your brackets and increase your profits.

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