How to Join OKBET and Play Casino Games

OKBET gives you a global gameplay experience because it blends the excitement and rush of a casino floor with the comfort and pleasure of excellent personal touch. Dozens and dozens of gambling games, like Baccarat, Blackjack, different Slots games, Video Poker, and other Specialty games, are packed into a portal that makes changing casino games fast and easy—right at your fingertips! You don’t have to walk around the whole floor. OKBET has superb customer service that is friendly and ready to assist with all your queries.

OKbet is licensed and approved by Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR)) to offer casino services.


You can use okebet App anytime, anywhere, across your devices – A convenience that any local Philippine online casinos cannot match.

OKBET Casino Choices

  • Evolution
  • SA Gaming
  • XTREME Gaming
  • Dream Gaming
  • WM Casino

OKBET Official Websites

  • Main:
  • Back-up link:
  • Back-up link:
  • Back-up link:
  • Download the app:

How to Sign Up for OKBET

We’ll walk you through the signup process in a few simple steps to make It more accessible and faster for you to open your wagering account. You may place your bets after finishing the brief enrollment procedure.

Click the “Sign Up” button on the right side of the OKBET site.

When you click, you may see a signup form with the following information on your screen:

Referral Code

Since not all players have this referral code, you don’t have to fill it out if you don’t want to. But you can put a code in the form if a friend sends you one. You could also give your code to people who want to play to get a bonus for referring them.


You must give a unique username on the website for your request to be checked (if the username isn’t available, it appears on the screen).


Use a mix of capital and small letters, a special character, and a number when making a password. Use a strong and unique password to protect your OKBET account as well.

Check the Password

Enter the password you chose again to see if they match.

Withdrawal Pin

Type in your PIN. If you win a bet, you can use it to cash out.

Mobile Number

Give your active mobile phone number to get notifications and updates about your OKBET account.

SMS Verification Code

After entering your active mobile number, you will get a verification code to link your mobile number to your OKBET registration account.

Easy Steps to Register on OKBET?

Step 1: Go to or any of the OKBET Official websites above.

Step 2: Fill in the details and AGREE to the TERMS OF SERVICE.

Step 3: Hit the Sign Up Button.

Step 4: Log In to Your Mobile Number and Hit SEND SMS CODE.

Step 5: Verify the CODE and Hit CONFIRM SMS TOKEN.

After you put in your phone numbers, you will get an SMS verification code. After that, type in the code and click the button that says “Sign up.”

You are now a member of OKBET. Now is the time to log in, play, make bets, and win.

How to LOG IN to OKBET?

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Input and Verify USERNAME, PASSWORD, MOBILE NUMBER, and Hit LOGIN.

After completing these steps, you are now a member of OKBET. You can now get into your account if you log in. Enter your username and password on the right side, then click Login (blue button).


OKBET supports Cash In and Cash Out with the most in-demand payment systems and currencies.

How to Cash In on OKBET Online Casino?


Step 1: Log in to your account.

Step 2: Click Deposit.

Step 3: Select Gcash/Grabpay/Banking ( Click” Pay Gate” & Select Gcash)

Step 4: Select” Gcash,” Enter the amount to Cash in & Click” Proceed”

Step 5: Enter your Gcash account number.

Step 6: An authentication code will be sent to your number.

Step 7: Enter your pin

Step 8: Click Pay

How to Cash Out on OKBET Online Casino?

Step 1: Login to your OKBET Account.

Step 2: Go to My Profile and Withdrawal.

Step 3: Add a New Withdrawal Method.

Step 4: Withdraw your Money.

How long does it take to WITHDRAW / CASH OUT from OKBET?

The withdrawal process usually takes 20-60 minutes to arrive in your account.

What is the MINIMUM CASH IN and CASH OUT Amount?

CASH IN:        P100

CASH OUT:    P100

OKBET is Safe & Secure

OKBET prides itself on putting players’ safety and security first.

Where Can I Get the Latest OKBET News Updates?

  • Official website:
  • Official Facebook:
  • Official Instagram:

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