How To Choose The Right Australian Bookmaker For Your Betting Needs

Advancements in technology such as the internet and cable TV have made watching and following sport much easier. Now anyone can become an expert on European soccer or American Football with the number of stats and data available online. Matches can be watched on cable TV or streamed directly to your computer or smart device. This provides an opportunity to profit with some clever bets. But, who should you choose to bet with?

Researching Bookmakers

Australians have always loved a bet. However, the method of betting has transformed considerably over the years. Originally bets could only be placed on horse races with bookmakers who were at the race track. This evolved to illegal SP Bookmakers who operated out of local pubs and alleyways and then the introduction of the TAB which became a staple of betting life for many years. 

The introduction of online betting has led to a boom in the betting industry. Not only are there more betting operators than before, but there are a lot more things to bet on. Online sports betting is fast becoming the most popular event to bet on, overtaking the racing codes. 

It is crucial to bet with an online bookmaker that is licensed and has a good reputation. The Palmer family has three generations of bookmaking experience and are licensed by the NSW government. They are financially guaranteed by the bookmaker’s co-op meaning that you can bet with confidence when you choose Palmerbet. 

Reputation and Trustworthiness

In a growing industry, it is important to bet with Australian bookmakers with a great reputation. Do some research before signing up and read the reviews. Palmerbet have been a permanent fixture in racing for three generations. That is a testament to their integrity and how they have looked after their customers. 

Range of Markets

Your bookmaker should be a one stop shop for all your betting requirements. They need to offer a range of markets across your favourite sports as well as all the racing staples with some promotions thrown into the mix! Luckily, Palmerbet have everything that a bettor needs. They offer markets on all the football codes in winter, cricket in the summer and outstanding coverage of U.S and European sports. 

Odds and Payouts

Getting the best betting odds can be the difference between a winning or losing day. With so many betting operators it makes sense to shop around. If the horse you like has odds of $6 with your favourite bookie and $8 elsewhere it makes sense to take the $8 on offer. In the long run, taking the best odds will prove profitable. 

Palmerbet offers great prices across a number of racing and sports betting markets.  

Betting Features

In the competitive online betting market, companies offer a number of promotions to attract new customers and to retain existing ones. If the bookie you use isn’t giving you what you need, shop around. You will find all types of fantastic promotions to suit your needs. Just remember to read the fine print!

Customer Service

While everyone likes to do everything online there are occasions when speaking to a human is not only necessary but it is preferred. Good customer service can be hard to find. With years of bookmaking experience, Palmerbet combines old fashioned service with modern technology. It is a great combination. 


Palmerbet is your one stop for all you betting tips as well as racing and sports betting markets. Visit their website at or download the Palmerbet app via the App store. You will be glad you chose Palmerbet. 

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