Surely you are no stranger to the THA casino, since this brand is just a name that is “word of mouth” in the online lottery betting world!

This casino has more than 20 years of experience in the betting industry. And today, we will share some general information about THA casino including its strengths and weaknesses so that you can know its reputation!

THA casino has a high-class reputation, safety and is certified by Pacor. The best thing is that customers of THA casino have always trusted and been online, which has helped THA dominate the online casino market for more than 10 years.

Business philosophy

THA casino always believes that: Not letting customers be disadvantaged is the core of success. Therefore, there is never a case of members of THA casino complaining about suffering a fraud. This casino does not smother anyone’s money ever. Who are still complaining are surely the money hunters. 

Furthermore, it’s the scammers who create 2 double-playing accounts to get insurance. They play with the same device phone or computer, the same IP address (where Internet connection of the network operator, similar to your home address). Or even more simply, they play at the same table, but continuously type 1 code (eg, poker will only play even, the other account will play odd). 

THA has easily detected the scams of these fraudsters and got rid of them directly. To the world of THA casino, there are only pure and genuine members which choose THA as a great entertainment place.

Value of THA

THA casino has more than 1 million members online every day and thousands of members active in their facebook group. That is enough to challenge anyone who dares to doubt the value of THA casino, the leading brand in Asia.

THA casino staff

THA casino system is self-contained and always secure. About the staff who directly manage the website, THA is proudly introducing Trang Ngo, who never rests at 5.30pm. In addition, for your convenience to follow, you can find her Facebook link at The second betting expert is Khang Tran, a hot face in the betting community. The interesting football matches written under his pen will make you read again and again as well as are hard to forget.

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Partners of THA casino

To help THA grow and develop stronger, we have had the cooperation and accumulation of many partners. In the past, we have purchased 2 domains, and due to its clean history as well as its importance for future website development. This cooperation brings great meaning to our website, which is THA casino.


THA casino is the top choice of many generations in Vietnam. If you want to make a fortune and enjoy an endlessly exciting betting moment, THA is always for you to join. Furthermore, please enter THA forum to equip yourself with lots of knowledge and playing tips.

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