Everything You Need to Know About Online Poker

Whether you are just getting started playing poker or you’ve been playing in live card rooms for years, there are a lot of things you should be aware of before diving into the online game. From subtle to major differences in playing style to tournament field sizes to different game variants, poker online is a whole new experience.

And the best thing you can do for yourself before jumping into a game is to take some time to do a little research so you know what to be prepared for.

Poker en linea provides some of the best action available in poker, with numerous cash tables and multiple tournaments running at different times every day.

But what specific things do you need to understand about this game? Read on to learn more:

It’s Played Differently than Brick and Mortar Play

One of the things people first notice when they start playing online is how different the action is. There is something about the anonymity of the virtual world that sometimes makes people act out of character, and it’s no different here. Digital poker is much faster, meaning you play many more hands (and see more bad beats) than live play. It is also often harder to bluff.

It Greatly Expands Your Opportunities

You have so many more gaming options when you play poker en linea. From micro-stakes cash and tourneys (which you’d never find in a casino) to satellites and freerolls, you can turn small amounts of money into impressive paydays.

It’s Best to Start at the Smaller Stakes

Speaking of those smaller stakes, we highly recommend any players new to online (whether you’ve been playing for years or not) start in the micros. Generally speaking, blinds of .40/.80 or lower are considered micro stakes.

The Wide Variety Draws a Lot of Fish, But Beware of Sharks

With so many different stakes, game variants, tourneys, and many other options, poker en linea draws players of every skill level. The fish come because there is a lot of action and you can multi-table if you prefer.

However, the sharp players come as well, so you need to be aware. It’s a good suggestion to keep notes on players for future encounters.

Bankroll Management Is Even More Important

It takes more discipline to manage your bankroll online than it does in the real world. Unlike physical card rooms, online rooms never close. And you can always just log back in and sit back down anytime.

Or, you can get titled and decide to go sit at a high-stakes table with your whole bankroll. Learning to leave the tables when you plan to is key to being a winning player.

Is Poker En Linea Better than Real-World Action?

This is something that is up to the individual player. But we can tell you this; it’s more convenient and can be enjoyed anytime, from anywhere that has the internet. And there seems to be a vast number of players that enjoy it because there are always games going. For some people, online is the only way they will play. The fact is that it all comes down to each player’s preferences, but playing on the web certainly offers a lot of advantages!

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