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Busan Has the Prettiest People in Korea?

The Koreans place great importance on appearance and beauty. You will find skincare and cosmetics shops everywhere. Companies have capitalized on this fact by marketing their products to women. However, men are starting to feel the pressure as well. Some Korean men even go as far as to get red lips. If you’re wondering if Busan has the prettiest people in Korea, read on.

The town is also home to some of the prettiest women in the whole of Korea. Actress Park Shin Hye is a good example. She has a gorgeous, likable face that exudes sympathy. She is a Korean screen goddess who has played cult roles all over Asia. Born in a prestigious family in Gwangju, Park Shin Hye is the definition of beauty. Her sexy lips and clear eyes make her a star among Korean celebrities.

Despite its booming film industry, Busan has been able to maintain a reputation as the ‘film town’ of Korea. The city has an array of gorgeous backgrounds and backdrops and has worked hard to live up to its ‘film town’ reputation. Last year, the Korean Film Council moved its headquarters to Busan. The city is full of attractions and thrills that will excite even the most cynical traveler.

As a popular tourist city, Busan has an extensive expat community. Many expats work in the education, industry, and business sectors and are dedicated to making the city as accessible as possible to foreigners. The city is divided into neighbourhoods and districts that can be accessed by metro. For families, Haeundae is a great choice because it’s close to many attractions, such as the Busan Citizens Park and the Dream Theater.

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