Blackjack Hand Signs to Use at the Casino

Gambling can be a fun way to spend some time with friends. However, it can also be an alternative route to making money. Many professional gamblers have dedicated their lives to learning different strategies, studying various games, and perfecting their bankrolls. These gamblers treat games as a profession rather than a fun hobby. And therefore are focused on making it as efficient as possible.

Also, casinos, especially the big ones, can get rather loud. Thousands of patrons, noisy slot machines, music, drinking, etc., all lead to a cacophony of sounds that could make it harder to hear. So, to communicate more efficiently, gamblers have devised a system of gestures and hand symbols that all correlate with blackjacking in some way.

If you are a hopeful blackjack player, learning at least some of these hand signs is an absolute must. Also, it is worth noting that a slew of blackjack words used at the casino that you should probably know. In this article, we will focus on hand signs. So, let us take a look.

Player Gestures

In this first section, we will focus on the hand gestures that you, the player, need to learn. If you ever find yourself in a gambling establishment, these symbols will likely come in handy, no pun intended. It is worth noting that the hand gestures do change depending on which type of blackjack you are playing. So, without further ado, let us take a look.

Cards Face Up

Depending on the game, cards might be dealt face-up or face-down. So, if you are playing a “face up” game, these are the gestures that you must be aware of:

  •       Tapping the Table: Tapping the table means you want a hit. What that means is that you get another card dealt to you.
  •       Place Your Palm Parallel to the Table and Wave: Doing this means you want to stand. In other words, you don’t want any more cards.
  •       Hold Up One Finger: Doing so will let the dealer know you want to double. In other words, you double your bet and get a new card.
  •       Hold Up Two Fingers: This will let the dealer know you want to split. So, if you are dealt two cards of the same value, you can separate them into two different hands.

Cards Face Down

If the dealer deals the cards face down, you must utilize different gestures to achieve the desired effect. So, if you are playing “face down,” these are the hand signs you need to remember:

  •       Hit: If you want to hit, you only need to rub the corner of your cards against the blackjack table.
  •       Stand: If you decide you’ve had enough cards for the round, slip your cards under your bet. Be sure you don’t touch the chips, however. Doing so might lead to some trouble.
  •       Double: Flip your cards face up over your bet. Then, set your matching bet next to the original bet. Then, if you have a split, hold up one finger, and the dealer will know you want to double.
  •       Split: If you want to split, follow the same pattern as a double. However, you need to raise one finger instead of raising two. This way, the dealer will know you want to split rather than double.

Remember, these hand gestures are necessary if you play at land-based casinos. However, playing online is a different story. Even in live blackjack, the dealer might not be able to see the players. So, these gestures don’t apply if you are playing at one of the numerous American online casinos, these gestures don’t apply. However, what does apply is all the gestures dealers make that you should be aware of.

Dealer Gestures

Dealers make only two significant hand gestures, and you should observe them. Rather than speaking, dealers sometimes signify that bets are open or closed using a sign. So, these are the two hand signs you need to watch out for when playing blackjack.

  •       Open Bets: when the bets are open, the dealer will swipe their hand across the table from the left side to the right.
  •       Closed Bets: Once the bets are closed, the dealer will swipe their hand across the table, from right to left.


Whether you are a fan of land-based gambling or the video game variant, these are the symbols you will need to learn. Mastering these symbols will simplify the game and make communication much more efficient. So, the next time you visit your local casino, look through this article and remind yourself which gestures mean what.

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