Best UFC Betting Tips

UFC has continued to rise in popularity in the last few years. Because of this, many fans have started to bet on the matches that they are watching. Many sports bettors turn to the UFC to bet because it can be very profitable if you know what you are doing.

If you know what you’re doing, making UFC fight predictions should be a piece of cake. Continue reading to see how you can make yourself a more profitable UFC bettor.

Do Research on Fighters’ Styles

Probably the most important thing you will want to make a note of before betting on UFC is to research each of the fighters’ styles for the fight that you will be betting on. Find out if the fighter is more aggressive or if they tend to wait back for their opponent to strike first.

Also, see how they have won and lost their previous matches and whether or not they came by knockout or submission. Knowing this information will help you better analyze the current fight and predict, based on past trends and fighting styles, who will win and which fighter to place your money on. 

Rematches Tend to have the Same Result

Something that may be surprising to people is that rematches tend to go the same way they went the first time around. Fighters who won the first bout usually win the second one too. If you plan on betting on a rematch of a fight, consider doing research on how the first fight went down.

If both fighters are in good health, then look for the match to be very predictable and profitable.

Keep your Emotions out of the Way

One of the most important things to remember when betting on UFC, and sports in general, is that you have to be cautious when betting on your favorite fighters. It is very easy to be influenced by the fighters you enjoy watching and want to win.

It may be best to avoid betting on fights with your favorite fighters in them. You don’t want to be making a bad bet for the sake of your fandom and viewership experience. Take it from someone who has made this mistake in the past, and do not let your own personal opinions factor into the bets you make.

Knowing the Health of each Fighter is Key

This seems pretty obvious but make sure you know the health of each fighter is key to making a winning bet. Try to go deeper than just headlines and betting predictions. If you can, find a fighter’s personal account and take notes of how they have described their current health.

Recent training and workout videos can give you insight into just how ready a fighter is for about. Many times, there will be one fighter who is healthy and more ready to fight than their opponent. If you can figure out which fighter this is, you’ll have the advantage when placing your UFC bets.

Don’t Be Scared of Big Favorites

When it comes to betting on UFC, many bouts have one fighter that is a heavy favorite over the other. Because of this, it will be harder to make a larger profit on a fighter who is a big favorite. Although it may take a little bit more money to make more, do not let this scare you away from taking the favorite.

Favorites in the UFC win close to 70% of the time, so although you may not make as much, it is better than losing everything by betting on underdogs.

There is certainly money to be made on underdog fighters in the UFC. It just takes research and knowing some of the inside tricks and tips I’ve shared today to do it. Remember to factor in these tips before you place your next UFC bet.

With a bit of practice and research, there can be some serious money to be made by betting on UFC.

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