Best Sports for Betting in Kenya

Sports betting has become increasingly popular in Kenya, as it provides an exciting and fun way to make money. With a wide range of sports available for betting, it can be hard to decide which sports are the best for making a profit. In this article we will discuss the best sports for betting in Kenya, along with their advantages and disadvantages.

The Most Popular Sports to Bet On in Kenya


Football is undoubtedly the most popular sport to bet on in the country. If you are a fan of this great sport,  you can bet on your favorite team here: The majority of Kenyan bettors prefer football due to its high stakes and potential returns, as well as its relatively low risk when compared to other sports. Football bets offer a wide range of options including correct scores, over/unders, handicaps, and even individual player performance markets.


Basketball is another popular sport in Kenya that lends itself well to betting. As with football there is a wide range of basketball markets available, from point spreads and totals to more specific bets like ‘team points differential’ or ‘player-specific performance’ markets. It is also worth noting that basketball games tend to be shorter than football matches, meaning that bets can be placed quickly and easily without taking up too much time or effort.


Rugby is one of the most established sports in Kenya and has gained considerable popularity among online bettors in recent years. A large number of rugby leagues exist across Africa, with betting sites offering a range of odds on each game. There are many different types of rugby bets available including futures (outright winners), match handicaps and point spreads.


Tennis may not be as popular as other sports such as football or rugby but it still offers plenty of opportunities for punters who know how to pick their winners correctly. There are a variety of betting markets available including live-in plays (known as ‘in running’), outright winner bets, set accumulators and more exotic types such as ‘first set winner’, ‘second set winner’ etc., all of which provide great opportunities for profit if you’re familiar with the players and matches.

Horse Racing:

Horse racing remains one of the oldest forms of gambling and continues to offer some exciting opportunities for punters who know what they’re doing. Each race will have different odds depending on factors such as form and weight carried by each horse; these must be taken into account when placing bets if you want your selections to pay off! Additionally there are various combination bets such as Yankee or Trixie that can yield larger returns if correct predictions are made across multiple races at once – making horse racing a particularly lucrative option for those looking to make money through betting on sports in Kenya. 

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Sports Betting In Kenya


One obvious advantage of sports betting in Kenya is that it provides an opportunity for individuals to make money based on their knowledge or skill set rather than luck alone; this makes it much easier for those with some understanding about the sport being bet upon – whether it be football, tennis or horse racing –to make profits from their selections without relying solely on chance events such as draws or incorrect calls from referees (as can happen with casino games). This means that experienced punters gain an edge over casual ones when trying to win big returns from their wagers. Additionally, because all legal Kenyan bookmakers are regulated by the government there is usually less chance of scams or fraud occurring compared with unregulated overseas sites where one may not have any legal recourse if something goes wrong during the process e.g., having funds stolen etc..


Despite these advantages there are still certain drawbacks associated with sports betting which should not be ignored; firstly while there are certainly opportunities available for those willing to learn about the various aspects involved – both technical & psychological – success still largely comes down to luck e.g., selecting correct teams & players based on form etc.. This means that even seasoned veterans may encounter lengthy losing streaks at times due to bad luck rather than poor judgement which can quickly eat away at any gains made previously thereby causing frustrations amongst punters after long periods without wins . Moreover despite being heavily regulated by law enforcement agencies there remain some shady operators out there who may try & exploit unsuspecting customers by offering unfairly weak odds or failing entirely when requested funds need withdrawing from accounts etc.. Thus caution is advised when choosing bookmakers before depositing any funds into accounts so always ensure that reputable companies like SportPesa & Betway are selected at all times!

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