Best Platforms to Play Ethereum Casino Online in 2023

Why should you play online casinos using Ethereum? The primary reason for using Ethereum in gambling is speed and anonymity. Nearly all gamblers prefer having their gambling activity private. Hence the need for playing with a cryptocurrency like Ethereum.

There are two main types of Ethereum casinos. The first one is an exclusive Ethereum casino and the second is a hybrid Ethereum casino. An exclusive Ethereum casino supports only Ethereum as its mode of payment. While a hybrid casino supports Ethereum, multiple types of cryptocurrencies as well as fiat.

In this article, you will learn the best gaming casinos that support Ethereum payments. You will also get golden tips for being a successful gambler. Let’s start with the best  Ethereum Casino in 2023.

How to choose a suitable Ethereum Casino?

Mode of payment – This is perhaps the biggest consideration for an online Ethereum gambler. Gamblers need a fast and convenient payment method for loading funds and processing deposits.  Ethereum is a good payment option, thanks to the strength of the blockchain; transactions are quick, tamper proof and anonymous. A reliable payment method takes seconds to minutes to process transactions. In our case, we consider Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies as the best payment methods for any online casino.

Bonus packages – What bonuses are available is a good question to ask before settling on any Ethereum casino. A good bonus scheme ensures a gambler invests less and wins more. There are different types of bonuses: welcome, deposit and match-making bonuses. However, players need to conduct due diligence and avoid taking bonus promotions at face value. Sometimes a good deal could be a trick for luring them into a dubious scam. Therefore, take time to evaluate the integrity of a Bitcoin casino since a dubious casino could steal all your funds.

Level of privacy – Privacy is an important feature of any gambling crypto casino. In order to satisfy KYC and AML policies, gambling casinos ask for various personal details. Which in many cases could be physical addresses or identity cards. Players need to rest assured their information is private and does not fall into the hands of unscrupulous cyber criminals. Besides, a player might want their gambling activity to remain private and anonymous. The best thing about crypto gambling sites is the level of privacy. Transactions remain anonymous, and data is almost impossible to retrieve by external criminals.

Security Features –  Players on a gambling site should be assured of the safety of their funds. Good gambling casinos have several security features in place to prevent hackers and criminals. In fact, they follow the latest technology in encryption and authentication. For example, a 2-factor authentication is a good security feature that protects user accounts from unauthorized access. Players should also take time to check whether a gambling site has undertaken crucial auditing exercises. An audit ensures that a service provider has fixed any security loopholes and the site is secure. Also, check whether the site has a license to operate as a gaming platform.

Customer Support – Everyone knows the pain of contacting the support team and waiting for more than 24 hours to get a response. A good gaming platform has responsive and reliable customer support. Inquires get responses within minutes to only a few hours. It should never take more than 24 hours for someone to get a response.

Introducing RocketPot – The Best Place to Play Ethereum Casino Online

RocketPot is a popular egaming casino that supports payment in cryptocurrencies. The gambling site has its license from the Curacao egaming authority. RocketPot obtained this license in 2019 and has already undertaken the necessary audits for ascertaining all bug fixes have been done.

The platform is proud to have a wide selection of Ethereum casino games. The list extends to over 3000+ games, sourced from at least 56 providers.

Furthermore, the site also boasts up to 400 Live table casino games. This wide list of games will make sure players never get bored and get some play time at any time of the day.

RocketPot is an ambassador of healthy gambling and has designed its platform to ensure gamblers have good mental health when engaging in online games. The site highly advises users to take breaks when necessary and to never invest more than they can afford to lose.

The site features multiple loyalty point programs, bonuses and free spins for their Bitcoin slots. There is also a progressive jackpot feature on several games to make sure winners get rewarded more; if they play more on the platform.

RocketPot is an exclusive cryptocurrency casino with support for multiple types of cryptocurrencies. Here is a list: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, NEO, Cardano, Ripple and Tether. Tether (USDT) is a stablecoin and is preferred mostly by gamblers that want to avoid the volatility of cryptocurrencies.

All gamblers need to feel their funds and personal information are safe. RocketPot has this in account and has put in place the Google 2-factor authentication. This feature ensures an unauthorised person cannot easily log into user accounts without permission.

Tips for Successful Gambling

Do not gamble while high on drugs or alcohol – Alcohol and drugs could easily corrupt your judgement. Resulting in poor decision-making and the possibility of loss.

Choose a trustworthy platform – some platforms could be rigged or even have a limited collection of games. A good gambler does their homework and identifies a platform that suits their needs. The best casino is safe, honest and rewarding.

Do not invest more than you can afford to lose – Losses are easily made in gambling because of the risk factor associated with the industry. Players need to only invest an amount they will be comfortable losing.

Strategize and act fast – Plan out your days and have an effective time management strategy. Also, remember to be thoughtful in your gambling and never make a careless bet. Gambling is highly risk and no one wants you to make losses.

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