A List Of The Top Ten Most Dependable Sports Pickers

There are several options available for selecting the top sports handicapper to follow.What I discovered is that there are several excellent handicapping services available. Some are better in some leagues than others, while some only cover a few teams in a sport.

What Exactly Are Sports Picks?

Sports pick selections are bets and predictions for specific events that a tout or handicapper typically offers. Everyone can provide sports betting picks, just as anybody can be a sports gambling handicapper.

The names of those who have succeeded in recent years are shown below. This includes every choice they’ve made, including money lines, side bets, and totals. There are some huge names here.

Top 10 Sports Handicapping Experts In The World: Best Sports Bettors To Follow

1. Gianni Karalis

Gianni Karalis, also known as Ace, Vegas-Runner, and Gianni the Greek in the sports betting sector, has been one of the most respected movers in Las Vegas for over 20 years. VR began his career as a bookmaker in Philadelphia in the late 1980s, and by the mid-1990s, he was running one of the country’s most successful and recognised betting syndicates. Back then, information was less readily available, and the several wise guys gambled to win at a pace unfathomable even to today’s most astute groupings.

2. Marco D’Angelo 

Since 1980, Marco D’Angelo has worked as a professional sports pick and bookmaker. In 2008, Marco relocated to Las Vegas. During the 2010 Baseball Season, Marco created handicapping history by winning 25 consecutive baseball games. More impressive is that he never laid more than -120 in any 25 plays. The Sports Monitor of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, tracked the 25-game victory run. Marco has won Preferred Picks twice.

3. Ted Sevransky

Ted Sevransky, better known as Teddy Covers, completed his degree from the University of Michigan and has been a successful full-time sports betting in Las Vegas since 1998. During his time in Sin City, he received much attention from the mainstream press.

4. Drew Martin

Drew Martin departed JP Morgan in August of 2014 and has never returned. In addition, she has had six consecutive profitable college basketball seasons, one of the most outstanding track records in CBB. In addition, his financial/sports betting ideas have been reported in the Wall Street Journal and Forbes. Drew, a former two-sport standout in high school, leverages his mathematics background and knowledge of sports and money to gain an advantage in the betting markets.

5. Rob Veno 

Join Sportsmemo veteran handicapper Rob Veno for one of his weekly, monthly, or seasonal picks for the 2018-19 football season. Please keep in mind that all seasonal subscriptions include playoff coverage.

6. Ralph Michaels

Ralph Michaels is a mathematician constantly looking for value in numbers – in addition to matchup advantages, situational advantages, and hidden jewels of knowledge. Ralph makes more huge bets in college football and basketball, but his handicapping method also discovers selected winners in professional sports.

7. Jazz Ray

Jazz, a winner in all aspects of life, continues to dominate the handicapping scene! Jazz handicapping and betting on all major North American sports. Football (professional, college, and Canadian), basketball (professional and college), baseball, hockey, and the UFC are all examples.

8. Steve Merril

Steve Merril has been a constant winner as one of the most outstanding sports analysts in the country for over 25 years. He attributes his success to various handicapping tactics, including statistical analysis, mathematical systems, and fundamentals like matches and emotion.

9. Adam Trigger

Adam Trigger has been professionally wagering on sports since 2013 when he co-founded the lucrative enterprise Top Flight Sports. Adam analyzes every move thoroughly and is excited to be a member of the WagerTalk team!

10. The Prez

The Founder and CEO of Who2beton have been pounding the books for over a decade and are thrilled to be a member of the WagerTalk family. The NFL Expert routinely has profitable NFL seasons and has led Who2beton MLB earnings for two of the last three seasons.

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