5 tips for online betting on soccer

It is sometimes said: “knowledge is king”. At this point, however, we want to say right away that there is no specific profitable sports betting theory that we can share with you. It does of course help if you are aware of all the facts about sports and soccer betting and choose a provider where you get the most value for your money. You can do this with the help of Betsquare. With the tips below, we are also happy to help you find your way in the soccer betting world.

Use statistics and news 

Numbers are your best friend when it comes to betting on football. Nowadays you can look up just about anything, such as head-to-head results, current form, injuries, etcetera. Is there a major European match just before or a few days after the match? These factors all influence the possible positions and tactics of the managers. Do you know the XG (expected goals) of both teams? Does your team score more than two goals very often? And they play against a casual team with a keeper that has many clean sheets? Maybe you should take a look at +2.5 handicap bets. Which leads straight to our next tip!

Bet just before the match

Professional bettors hardly ever place their bets a week in advance. The closer to the start of a sporting event, the more certainty there is in the odds. As a result, the margins can be reduced, making it more attractive to bet on these events. At some betting sites, the odds are even above 7% a few days before kick-off, which quickly drop below 5% from a few hours before kick-off. We assume that you also know something about home field football? 

Bet with the best odds

There are a huge amount of football gambling sites available, each with their strengths and weaknesses. It is therefore important to know these before you bet on specific sports. Some bookies therefore specialize in certain markets, and through their years of experience with these selected sports, they can estimate the odds much better. The result of this leads to more profitable odds on these markets, with smaller sportsbook margins maintained by the bookmaker itself. 

Use the best promotions

Thanks to a gigantic high competition for your loyalty, the gambling sites quite often offer reasonably favorable promos. From your first deposit bonus to all kinds of sports betting bonus opportunities after your registration you often get a lot of odds boosts, free bets, and even the occasional cash back. There’s nothing stopping you from registering with as many sites as possible to grab all the promotions.

Look at several bets

It is admittedly the simplest thing to just bet on a winner, but if you really want to get top bets out of the closet, you will have to dig deeper. If you want to catch the bookmakers in the act of making small mistakes with their odds, it’s best to look at the lesser-known markets. We’re thinking a bit like handicap betting here. Even larger sites are not immune when it comes to estimating odds.

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