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Today's Football Tips on 09 April 2020

Last update: Thursday 9th of April 2020 03:15 CET

Time Competition / Game played Score Chances Best Odds Live TVBest
Nicaragua Championship
00:45 Diriangen vs Chinandega2-037% 21% 43%1.415.005.55 2
eSports Battle
01:00 Napoli (MeLToSiK) vs PSG (Kray)1-167% 25% 8%2.372.453.58 1
01:15 Tottenham Hotspur (labotryas) vs Real Madrid (KRaftVK)0-267% 25% 8%2.892.952.37 1
02:00 Papa Krych (ROB) vs GAMBIT ESPORTS (GMB)0-037% 17% 48%3.303.242.12 2
Nicaragua Championship
02:00 Walter Ferreti vs Real Madriz2-070% 26% 19%1.613.943.72 1X
02:00 Real Esteli vs Juventus Managua0-045% 23% 34%1.404.926.40Stramings for Unibet 1
eSports Battle
06:41 Real Madrid (Boulevard_Prospect) vs Manchester City (nikkitta)32% 17% 55%4.722.602.08 2
07:05 Barcelona (vrico) vs Liverpool (orlovsky1)14% 42% 44% X2
07:17 Manchester City (nikkitta) vs Real Madrid (Boulevard_Prospect)70% 17% 25%2.082.614.64 1
07:53 Manchester United (DangerDim77) vs Arsenal (orlovsky1)24% 25% 51%3.383.102.17 2
08:05 Manchester City (Boulevard_Prospect) vs Tottenham Hotspur (nikkitta)10% 33% 57%3.982.752.17 X2
08:17 Arsenal (orlovsky1) vs Liverpool (vrico)75% 0% 25% 1
08:30 PELE WARRIORS (PWR) vs ROYAL BEARS (RLB)49% 23% 31% 1
08:50 VEGA SQUADRON (VEG) vs PELE WARRIORS (PWR)43% 16% 41%1.704.004.12 12
eSports Battle
08:53 Tottenham Hotspur (nikkitta) vs Manchester City (Boulevard_Prospect)61% 33% 6%2.172.753.98 1X
09:05 Liverpool (vrico) vs Tottenham Hotspur (nikkitta)46% 0% 54% 2
09:30 TEAM RUSPRO (R11) vs VEGA SQUADRON (VEG)24% 32% 48%2.173.602.98 X2
09:50 ROYAL BEARS (RLB) vs TEAM RUSPRO (R11)53% 39% 18%3.763.801.82 1X
Dream League 3x3
10:00 Brazil (3х3) vs Russia (3х3)31% 56% 16% 1X
10:10 FC Dimonchello (DNK) vs ROYAL BEARS (RLB)26% 13% 61%2.743.402.37 2
Dream League 3x3
10:30 France (3х3) vs England (3x3)33% 40% 27% 1X
eSports Battle
10:59 Bayern Munich (nikkitta) vs Tottenham Hotspur (DangerDim77)17% 25% 58%2.522.752.90 2
11:23 Paris Saint-Germain (Boulevard_Prospect) vs Real Madrid (vrico)56% 25% 19%3.152.602.47 1
11:35 Napoli (orlovsky1) vs Tottenham Hotspur (DangerDim77)16% 33% 51% X2
11:47 Tottenham Hotspur (DangerDim77) vs Real Madrid (vrico)56% 25% 19%2.422.802.99 1
11:59 Real Madrid (vrico) vs Napoli (orlovsky1)33% 58% 13% 1X
Reserve League
13:00 Neman Grodno II vs Belshina Bobruisk II32% 30% 39%1.246.308.40 X2
15:30 Kazan (RUB) vs EZ1D 11 (EZ1)24% 33% 47% X2
Dream League 3x3
16:45 England (3x3) vs Russia (3х3)41% 51% 15% 1X
17:10 SHEMYAKIN ONZE (PSG) vs EZ1D 11 (EZ1)26% 33% 44% X2
Dream League 3x3
17:30 Russia (3х3) vs Brazil (3х3)19% 56% 25% X2
17:30 EZ1D 11 (EZ1) vs Tundra (TES)49% 29% 26% 1X
17:50 Tundra (TES) vs SHEMYAKIN ONZE (PSG)35% 46% 21% 1X
18:10 FORZE (FRZ) vs SHEMYAKIN ONZE (PSG)15% 56% 29% X2
Premier League
20:00 Everton (SRL) vs Liverpool (SRL)86% 0% 14%4.363.821.70 1
La Liga
20:00 Granada (SRL) vs Getafe (SRL)86% 0% 14%2.823.022.55 1

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